Jong Suk keeps which habit of his to place a supply doing the waist and you can snuggle in the shoulder when he are slower waking up. Very, when he cant seem to find your body, he’s going to feel totally conscious straight away. He may actually stress for a lot of moments due to the fact you are maybe not the sort who does get-off by doing this without any need. He’s going to hear every sound our home produces. Probably the liquid is actually running and you’re getting a shower or perhaps the television was to try out and you are clearly enjoying a crisis. By the point the guy figures out radio stations was to tackle for the your kitchen, you’re rear with a holder on the hands and you can pancakes. He will give you a great relieved smile ultimately causing you asking what exactly is wrong. “Nothing, jagi. What do has indeed there? They odors sweet.”

Your a couple of couldnt select each other far going back days as out of his hectic schedule so when he notices your arent laying beside your any further, Chang Wook knows you wouldnt have gone this way. He will wear his slippers and leave the sack, nonetheless half asleep, seeking you and everything you try around you to definitely early am. He’ll get on his way to brand new living room area whenever he finds you halfway on the kitchen area and then make break fast. To own a quick time he’ll simply remain around privately looking at the your, admiring you from afar. In the long run he will sneak-up trailing both you and put their palms doing their waist and press a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning breathtaking. Anything smells a good.”

Jong Suk don’t become supporting after all. At the contrary, he will end up being rather furious or perhaps mad even if the guy will most likely not show they. Regardless if you are already slim nevertheless must reduce some pounds due to a company or whether you are curvy and you may need to slim down, the guy believes you are was breathtaking how you is and certainly will claim that a severe weight loss program is never ever the proper provider. He’s going to worry about your wellbeing both physically and you may emotionally by the of numerous undesirable side effects that can come and additionally like a nutrients. This may lead to certain objections between them of you but by the end throughout the day he’s going to always apologise and you may let you know just how prime you’re.

(new anon as well as expected the same effect for someone regarding my choice nevertheless the conserve a little while I didnt do that, promise you dont mine!!)

Especially Joon Gi this new church oppa one privately grabbed images away from Soo-jin since the a kid – Method community creeper, sorry my personal pleasant boy

Soo-jin has came across half a dozen bachelors and all i have kept try Lee Minute ho’s character. With LMH as being the last reputation which is an enormous clue, but there is zero harm during the a read here small speculation with the that would she favor from the earliest half a dozen?

Note: The newest characters are using the fresh actor’s actual names which is very odd and you will crosses to your genuine somebody fan fiction which is a beneficial large No in my situation, However, this will be as well as fundamentally a really long Lotte Duty free ad playing with Lotte CF spokespersons.

Sadistic Seraphim sends Soo-jin on her behalf own nothing twist compliment of exactly what could well be having eight pleasant men who provide a hug…but yanking Soo-jin to today’s till the throat fulfill

I need to know I found the fresh new Lee Joon Gi and you may Playground Hae Jin arcs a while shameful, if you don’t scary. Park Hae-jin are his trademark cool but persuasive character.